Simplifying Mandate Process with mNACH

Simplifying Mandate Process with mNACH

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Simplifying Mandate Process with mNACH

CAMS mNACH – Overview

Facilitating varied choices of mandate imaging solutions – ranging from the high-capacity centralized application to desktop and mobile-based solutions that can be deployed in client operation hubs or be used on fields.

CAMS mNACH application is a mobile app that can be downloaded by the user and be used as an instant mandate imaging solution for mandate acquisition in the prescribed format right at the mandate-delivery source point.

CAMS mNACH app works on an Android OS environment and comes with a highly user-friendly UI to capture images just with a few clicks and bare minimum identifier field inputs. The app will auto push the captured mandate images to the core system of CAMS directly for instant further processing of the same on a near real-time basis by CAMS central delivery team.

CAMS mNACH – Overview
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CAMS mNACH Advantages

  • Speedy lodgement of mandate with destination bank.
  • Source-level conversion of images to NPCI specification.
  • Minimum Key field entries at the front end on image capture.
  • Data entry (Maker/Checker) and last-mile quality check.
  • Systemic conversion of data to NPCI prescribed formats.
CAMS mNACH Advantages
CAMS mNACH Advantages CAMS mNACH Advantages CAMS mNACH Advantages

CAMS - Life cycle collection service support

CAMS has acquired domain-rich expertise and scalable capability to provide life cycle mandate collection support to its clients. Periodical or ad-hoc collections as per underlying mandate terms is facilitated by the central delivery team with expert handling of file exchanges amongst constituents- viz client, sponsor bank, NPCI, and destination banks.

With its Recon engine, CAMS facilitates funding of collected amounts to client accounts in the earliest possible timelines. CAMS also provides comprehensive support for various MIS, representations, issue resolutions, etc., by actively working with its sponsor bank and NPCI.

CAMS supports various direct banking arrangements of the clients as well as their back-end service partners.

CAMS Life cycle

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