Simplifying Mandate Process with mNACH

Now Accept Payments using UPI on CAMSPay

Accept payments using major UPI APPs like GPay, PhonePe, BHIM, PayTM, and many more on CAMSPay. No more wait time for OTP, remembering passwords, and VPA. Just pay using our wide range of UPI Intent, QR, and collect variants.

Automate your transactions with UPI. Enjoy trouble-free, recurring payments with a click of a button.

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Simplifying Mandate Process with mNACH

Features of UPI

Enable the world's simplest payment using CAMSPay, which provides just 2 clicks payment experience for your customers using an indigenous UPI platform powered by NPCI

  • Powerful APIs for payment collections and disbursements
  • Accept payments using any UPI-enabled APPs including WhatsApp, GPay, PhonePe, PayTM, BHIM, and 47 + apps
  • Supports TPV for 200 + Banks with real-time settlement*
  • Supports Intent, Collect, and QR variants for seamless acceptance
  • Real-time insights and reports
Features of UPI
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How UPI Works?

CAMSPay makes it simple to accept payments through a variety of popular UPI apps. Choose your UPI App and complete your transaction in a flash! Worried about payment safety? CAMSPay is here, so no fear!

How UPI Works?
How UPI Works? How UPI Works? How UPI Works? How UPI Works? How UPI Works?

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