Customer Grievance Redressal and Dispute Management

Handling Customer Grievances and Dispute Management System

Addressing customer concerns is crucial in the payment service industry, and adeptly managing any dissatisfaction is key to thriving in the financial services market. CAMSPay is committed to ensuring that our service lives up to the expectations of our merchants and customers. We believe that there are many benefits to having a clear and straightforward complaint handling process, which aims to

  • Ensure that we provide the level of service deserved by our customers.
  • Allow us to learn from our mistakes.
  • Preserve our reputation in the marketplace and maintain leadership.

This document summarizes our approach to complaints handling and is designed to give an outline of the process involved and our commitment to a fair and equitable resolution. This policy defines our way of handling complaints, dispute resolution mechanism, and refund processing.

This policy covers grievances arising from Merchants, Sponsor/Acquiring Banks, Platforms (NPCI, VISA, Mastercard), payment service providers, Destination/Issuing banks, cardholders, and A/C holders. We store detailed records and explanations for all types of disputes and define procedures for dealing with complaints and disputes.

CAMSPay appointed a Nodal officer and a dedicated support team to address complaints and disputes. We share the contact details of our Nodal officer on our website to enable the resolution of complaints and disputes quickly and in a fair manner.

Disposal of Complaints

We have determined the type of complaints and the same gets routed to respective internal stakeholders to respond quickly. Refer to the below methods of addressing the key complaints with the timeline for resolution.

Key Customer Complaints Resolutions Timeline for resolution
Transaction Status We provide transaction details with transaction id, Counterparty ref number, date and time stamp, amount, merchant URL, and exact status of the transaction 24 – 48 Hours
Settlement Status We share settlement ref id (UTR) with the report, Date, and time stamp for all successful transactions 24 Hours (Working days)
Transaction level response issues Due to network and other reasons, if a transaction dropped in between, we perform a status check/call back and share the exact status with the merchant 24-48 Hours
Card/Account holders’ complaints – Amount debited but no response received from Merchant We provide exact transaction status with reference number to customer CC to merchant 24-48 Hours
Refund issues After processing the refund, we share confirmation mail with ARN. Merchant can pass the same to the customer for tracking purposes 24- 144 Hours
Transaction completed but no response We perform a drill-down search using other UDF details to trace the transaction record 24-48 Hours (Working days)
Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Card and Account holders can raise disputes for the below reasons and based on the nature of the dispute we connect with respective stakeholders and resolve the same with required details.

  • Transaction and debited amounts are different
  • Transaction details with Date and time stamp
  • Refund delay
  • Refund not credited to customer Account
  • Alleged/fraudulent transaction
  • Product/service not received
  • Multiple debits for a single order
  • Damaged goods/product/service and not as promised
  • Not engaged/authorized for the mentioned transaction
  • The order was canceled but the amount debited
  • Any other transaction-related disputes can be raised to CAMSPay via an available communication channel
Dispute Resolution Methods

Only customers (card and Account holders) can raise disputes with CAMSPay. We share the disputed transaction details to merchants via our dashboard with timelines to submit the required details. CAMSPay applies the below process to receive and respond to disputes.

1. Support Documents & Details

Merchants can share the proof against the dispute/chargeback to defend the dispute. The documents and details include transaction details, product information, Terms & Conditions, Cancellation policy, Proof of delivery, customer confirmation letter, refund policy, Reference number from banks, and any other supporting documents related to the dispute. Merchants can share those details via our dashboard or with the merchant support team. If the merchant agrees to the dispute, they can accept the chargeback and authorize the refund.

2. Dispute Resolution

CAMSPay evaluates the proofs and documents and shares them with customers via banks and platforms. Based on the outcome CAMSPay closes the dispute or chargeback to the merchant to close the dispute. If the merchant provides all the details and decides to defend the dispute, CAMSPay defends it with the bank, and the final decision is taken by CAMSPay to resolve the dispute.

3. Process for Handling Open disputes

If merchants do not share the required document or provide insufficient documents, CAMSPay changes the status to Open & Capture Fund (We hold the disputed amount out merchant settlement) based on the response the amount gets refunded to customers or settled back to merchants. The entire activity has a set of timelines at each level and the same gets updated to all stakeholders.

Timeline for Refund Processing

CAMSPay processes the refund to the original payment method and if the merchant and customer agree to process through a different channel that will not be applied for this process. We have intuitive ways to process refunds via APIs, dashboard, and ways to set auto-refund for the below scenarios.

Refund Process for Failed transactions

Due to network/API communication drop and delayed response from banks, there can be a status change of transactions, due to which amount may get debited from customer account but service/product may not be rendered to customers. Merchants can reverse such transactions or accept them. This is enabled at the CAMSPay end based on merchant request. The normal merchant agreed refunds get processed via refund APIs and CAMSPay dashboard. Merchants can initiate the refund and CAMSPay will process the refund and adjust in the subsequent day's settlement.

We also have API level and recon level processes to address the forced success transactions from banks and the same is refunded or settled based on the nature of business.

Contact Details of Support & Nodal Officer

Nodal Officer and Escalation Matrix

Level 1


Service Executive


Phone: 044-6109 4392

Level 2

Nodal & Compliance Officer


Raman M

Phone: 044-6109 4307

Level 3

Deputy Vice President


Rajan S

Phone: 044-6109 4305

Level 4



Vasanth JE

Phone:  044-61092260


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