Simplifying Mandate Process with mNACH

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Amidst a broad spectrum of Banks, NBFCs, Private Life Insurance, Equity Funds, and such, we specialize in addressing payment challenges faced by Mutual Funds, Insurance Providers, and Non-Banking Finance Companies. We also envision expanding our payments platform to address the pain points of related segments (capital markets, insurance-related ecosystem, brokerages ecosystem, intermediaries, etc).

While supporting traditional methods in payments, we strongly believe in evolving and growing with the rapid changes in the industry and keeping up with the demands of the modern era.

We focus on simplifying payments, and servicing the investor, the borrower, or the insurer in the quickest possible time, with strict adherence to compliance, thereby providing a robust and secure payments platform.

Read on to know more about what we do, believe in, our mission, and our roots.
Simplifying Mandate Process with mNACH

Our Story

CAMSPay, as a payments platform has been constantly growing and shaping up with:

Rapid changes in market dynamics
ever-evolving regulatory measures
Mounting expectations of the modern customer

We have been thriving in the continuously evolving marketplace as we keep ourselves abreast of the latest technologies, and practises and make the most of them to provide our clients with an integrated payments platform suite.

We enable mutual fund companies, insurance providers, and non-banking finance companies to provide simple and innovative solutions to their investors, insurers, and borrowers in the collection of new and recurring payments.

As an NPCI-enabled, aggregation service provider, we provide scalable solutions with a unique combination of customer service centers and processing centers for collecting payments offline.

We offer contemporary solutions to overcome the dependency on the paper-based model of recurring payments and the challenges faced by the same.

Being in the midst of the smartphone era, with people all over the world embracing technologies at an astounding pace, we provide a wide range of online payment instruments, winning in the digital economy.

We believe in streamlining payments using innovative methodologies to eliminate pain points, improve reliability, and build trust, thereby, fostering a long-lasting relationship with our clients. Our simplistic solutions make way for us to serve more customers using a wide range of payment options.

Our mission is to provide an end-to-end comprehensive payment platform for our clients to safely accept payments across multiple channels

Our Roots

CAMSPay has evolved into a strong, independent offshoot of CAMS, the leading registrar and transfer agency to the asset management industry of India. Carrying forward the trustworthiness, reliability, and legacy of CAMS, we pride ourselves on our contemporary vision and focus our energies on a payments platform par excellence.

Being India’s premier mutual fund transfer agency, CAMS serves over ~69% of the assets of the industry, across multiple Mutual Funds. CAMS is also a service partner to leading Insurance companies, NBFCs, Banks, and Private Equity Funds.

Leveraging on traditional strengths of customer service, transaction processing, and data management and adapting to the new-age requirements of digitization, enhanced UX, and a pan India network, CAMS offers an integrated, holistic suite of services for Banks, NBFCs, Insurance companies, capital markets and such.

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