We address payments challenges faced by Mutual Funds, Insurance Providers and Non-banking Finance Companies with customized payments solutions

  • Mutual Funds
  • NBFC
  • Insurance

Mutual Funds

Our suite of intuitive solutions enables our clients to manage collections effectively and address challenges due to failed payments, mandate rejections etc. Failed payments translate to revenue loss. Moreover, customers get impatient and drop off when a payment fails in the first attempt.

Pay by Link:

An effective way to manage an SIP payment failure. A pay by link sent by SMS / email to the customer enables him to make the payment using the link.

Insta NACH:

The perfect solution to automate recurring payments and overcome challenges due to the paper-based mode of payments collections.

Rejection reports and analysis:

To help reduce the percentage of rejections. Provides recommended solutions to bring down rejection percentage to an acceptable threshold.

CRM Access:

To view various MIS reports on the dashboard for real-time analytics and informed decision making


We offer easy and fast ways to disburse loans , accept deposits and collect repayments with a robust payments platform that is capable of handling multi-level pay-outs.

Automate loan disbursal:

Advanced APIs enabling rule-based workflows, eliminating manual effort and offering a range of integrations to automate loan disbursals.

The m-NACH advantage:

Perfect solution for instant mandate imaging, enabling quicker mandate lodgements.

Account verification before on-boarding users:

Beneficiary’s bank account number and name of the account holder is verified.

CRM Access:

To view various MIS reports on the dashboard for real-time analytics and informed decision making.


We provide an end-to-end comprehensive payments solution that deals with complex cash flow management and automation of insurance premiums. We strive for an easy and cost-effective way of managing monthly insurance premiums by doing away with payment processing fees and funding delays.

Single integrated platform:

A single platform to safely accept payments through multiple channels.

Automate recurring payments:

Helps to overcome challenges due to signature mismatches and reduces the time and cost involved in logistics of a physical mandate.

CRM Access:

To view various MIS reports on the dashboard for real-time analytics and informed decision making.


Customized products designed to meet our client needs, offering solutions adaptable to evolution and growth


Simplifying recurring payments collections

We, at CAMSPay have enabled digitization of the mandate process, witnessing a 95% reduction in TAT.


Insta NACH, automating recurring payments

A revolutionary and innovative solution, overcoming the hurdles of the paper-based mode in recurring payments, ensuring a superior payment experience.


Facilitating instant mandate imaging solution, hastening mandate lodgement process

m-NACH is an android based mobile app, developed by the in-house team for an enhanced mandate imaging solution.


Providing unique bank account validation service

CAMSPay enables validation of customer’s account with IMPS penny drop. We have engaged with various leading banks to enable this push transaction for our clients.

Digital Payments

Empowering business and winning in the digital economy

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution enabling all popular payment methods, facilitating secured payments and paving the path towards digital transformation.

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