January 5, 2023

Unified Payment Interface (UPI)- Transforming the digital payment ecosystem

Looking about 10 years back, who could have thought that there will be a payment method that will make the whole payment experience simple and effective? We now know…its UPI!, The advent of UPI as otherwise called Unified Payment Interface has created a major evolution of the digital payment ecosystem. So, what is UPI and […]

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January 4, 2023

PCI DSS & CAMSPay– Being Our Best Compliant Self

Long gone are the days when security and compliance were just written in the document and not practiced widely. Nowadays, fintech companies have put Compliance and Security at the front. Any non-adherence to the standards might lead to repercussions. Thus the need for PCI DSS arose. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) […]

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August 17, 2022

Learn with CAMSPay: Payment as a Service- An Essential Pathway for Digital Payments

The next topic in the series will be about Payment as a Service platform Imagine you make a payment for an online purchase. Have you ever noticed and wondered how payments are processed in the back-end and how seamless the online customer experiences are? You got it right, there is a medium by which each […]

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NACH 2.0- We Save You Time

On this edition, let’s learn about CAMSPay’s NACH 2.0. We agree that app updates are usual. But what we don’t agree with is our app updates are anywhere close to simple and usual. With every update, we thrive to simplify the overall process and reduce your stress. Stress? Wondering what stress are we talking about? […]

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August 10, 2022

mNACH App- The Ultimate solution for your mandate creation

Did you know? On average, people spend around 243 hours in traffic signals, which is relatively higher than the time you spend on your sleep. Sounds ironic, isn’t it? What if it happens to your customer’s mandate creation also? Don’t become another sleep deprived, stuck in traffic statistic. Quick Solution Firstly, we understand that sending […]

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