August 17, 2022

NACH 2.0- We Save You Time

On this edition, let’s learn about CAMSPay’s NACH 2.0.

We agree that app updates are usual. But what we don’t agree with is our app updates are anywhere close to simple and usual. With every update, we thrive to simplify the overall process and reduce your stress.

Stress? Wondering what stress are we talking about?

Well, the industry leaders say that, in the realm of the mandate process, errors in NACH registration and increased TAT bring them huge worries. To mitigate them, we at CAMSPay strive to improve the conventional NACH process to expedite mandate registration.

Not clear enough? Read through our mascot’s conversation with a Curious Client about the latest NACH 2.0 update. Trust us, it’s all you need.

Curious Client: Hey, I need your help. The overall mandate approval is taking time and my customers are losing patience. Our current process isn’t efficient enough to handle our needs. I heard you are working on an update, could you explain if it’s done?

PayMan: Well, you are here at the right place at the right time. The enhanced NACH revamp update provides error-free and similarly provide agile NACH registration which brings smiles to your face.

Curious Client: That’s interesting! But, how exactly does this update elucidate and handle other pain points?

PayMan: Let me explain the problems faced before the update,

  • Increased TAT Delays and Data entry errors due to manual data entry.
  • Difficulty in providing reports due to user dependency
  • Increased TAT and delay in onboarding sponsor banks and Curious Clients. 

Here’s how we handle these problems with our 2.0

1. Automation Of Data Entry

2. APIs For All Mandate/Transaction Recurring Payment Modes

3. Front-end Onboarding Of Sponsor Banks And Curious Clients 

4. Curious Client Onboarding Done Within A Day.

5. Fast Mandate Processing

6. Auto Scheduling System

7. Seamless System Integrations

8. Self-service, Rectification Management Through The App         

Curious Client: You said you can onboard Curious Clients in less than 2 days. So can we start right away?

PayMan; Of course, all you need is to integrate with us through API and we will speed up the process within seconds.

You can then start the mandate process in full swing with our comprehensive offerings:

  • Onboarding Within 24 hours
  • TAT Less Than 24 hours
  • Elaborate Quality Check
  • End-to-End Customer Support

Curious Client: Wow that is exciting to hear, how are these even possible with NACH registration?

PayMan: CAMSPay will surely make it possible and never compromise on giving a seamless experience. If you need more information, go to CAMSPay contact us page, place your details and queries. A representative will reach out to you very soon.

Curious Client: Sure, thank you. I will share my queries with your team shortly.

We realize that you are all exactly like our curious Client looking for finer solutions. Don’t worry, we are at your service all the time. Head over to our contact us page and share your details along with your queries, we will get back to you shortly.

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