June 1, 2020

CAMSPay Pay-by-Link

Accepting payments is now as easy as clicking a link!

Online payments are no more about exchange of money. It is also considered as a stamp of trust, an important factor for a great user experience and a metric of conversion. By using CAMSPay Pay-by-link, accepting payments are made easy.

With multiple channels of online payments available today in the market, business like yours is always looking for a more customized payment solution where having a website or not having one doesn’t matter. When it comes into payment collection, you might consider a number of factors like how easy it is to manage payment collection, how to deal with recurring payments and so on. Hence, we introduce you an all inclusive solution that addresses all these areas: CAMSPay Pay-by-Link with a whole lot of advantages.

What is Pay-by-link?

Pay-by-Link is the smartest way to collect payments from your customers over SMS, Email, WhatsApp and Social Media. It is a securely generated payment link that your customers would just have to click to make online payments using wide range of payment methods including UPI, Cards, Net Banking , wallets etc.

Creating CAMSPay Pay-by-Link is as simple as snapping fingers! Just follow these steps.

  • Login to the CAMSPay dashboard and create Pay-by-Link.
  • Share the link to your customers via SMS, Email, WhatsApp or Social media
  • Let your customers make the payment using their preferred options (Credit and debit cards, UPI, Net Banking, EMI and wallets)
  • CAMSPay dashboard or API will get instantly about the payment notification.

CAMSPay Pay-by-Link effortlessly integrates into your business ecosystem giving you the best experience. Here are the advantages of using Pay-by-Link for your business:

No Website or Mobile app integration:

With CAMSPay Pay-by-link you can leave behind the worries of not having a business without a website or an app. It works even without a website. This process enables direct amount settlement in your bank account. You can get this done by simply sharing the link to your customer

Alternate Payment solution:

As compared to other POS machine rental, Feet on Start/branch, CAMSPay Pay-by-Link is a suitable replacement and is cost-effective collections subsequently making payment fast and secure.

Multiple-channel sharing:

Now it is easy to reach your customers via various platforms. You can now share Pay-by-Link over various platforms like SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. This multi-channel feature provides your customers with a faster checkout experience.

Brand Trust:

Trust is one of the crucial factors which decide on how your customers engage with your business. It depends upon being transparent to them and to give them a great user experience. The payment page will have your business identity to create more trust along with customer verification by our two-factor authorization method so that business receives payment from right customer. Evidently, CAMSPay adds more value to customers as by enabling payment receipt after making the payment for their future reference.

Batch Upload:

Is your business dealing with huge/bulk collections which required more time and manual effort? We got you covered, do not worry! You can generate lakhs of payment links using our Pay-by-Link with minimal effort by uploading excel/CSV file and you can subsequently send the payment links.

Partial Payments:

By using CAMSPay Pay-by-Link, you can enable flexible payment options to your customers. In addition to that , your customers can make payments in parts as a token amount or advance payment instead of making the entire payment at once.

Multi-lingual content:

Who wouldn’t be happy to access a service in their own language? CAMSPay Pay-by-Links supports multiple languages (Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, English, etc) which helps you serve your customers much better.

Real-time reports and payment insights:

CAMSPay Pay-by-Links comprises a customized dashboard that helps you to manage the business better. Additionally, You can manage the links, check the payment status, and get real-time data insights.

Agile API:

Payment collection is made easier by using API. It helps in automating the link generation and payment collection over SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and social media.

Availability of all payment options:

Your customers can now pay using the payment options of their choice (credit and debit card, UPI, net banking, EMI and wallets)

So are you ready to make your payment collection simpler? Then, start using CAMSPay Pay-by-Link. Make payment collection as simpler as counting 1,2,3.

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