September 4, 2020


An instant imaging solution for mandate acquisition

As a service provider, isn’t this your recurring concern? You have convinced the customer about the efficacy of the product she is about to subscribe to. After succeeding it, you have to ensure that the customer fills and signs the NACH mandate form. It takes us two weeks time to process NACH mandate. This provides ample time for the customer change their mind, which they often do. In order to avoid this, mNACH will come to your rescue.

Wouldn’t you want to stop this and in the process provide your customer a seamless experience without the extended wait which results in a failed registration.

You need not worry anymore. Enter CAMSPay mNACH. A mobile based instant imaging solution for mandate acquisition. As a customer of CAMSPay, it provides you with a seamless experience by saving a lot of time also who might otherwise be tempted to change her mind when the mandate is getting processed.

Mobile App

CAMSPay mNACH works perfectly on Android OS environment and it has a highly user-friendly UI to capture images.

The user can capture an image of the mandate with the help of the application. Hence, we will share the NACH mandate to the NPCI. After validating the information, the NPCI forwards the mandate to the customer’s bank for approval.Can it get any easier than that?

Are these the only advantages? Not at all.

CAMSPay mNACH provides you with the following additional benefits.

  • An auto push of mandate images to CAMSPay Core system
  • Near real-time processing by CAMSPay central delivery team
  • Minimal clicks and minimum identifier fields


You can enjoy these benefits by executing a simple 4 step process,

Step 1: Log into the mNACH application with the registered user credentials. You will get to view 2 options: ‘Capture image’ and ‘View gallery’.

Step 2: Click on ‘Capture image’ and capture the picture of the mandate straight in the mobile application. The app will map the key fields as an identifier data entry for linking image.

Step 3: Crop and adjust the captured image using screen controls.

Step 4: Click on the upload button and image will instantly get transferred to the CAMSPay Application server.

*The above calculation of figures are indicative only and not on actual basis

If you have already captured the mandate, you can click on ‘View gallery’ to search among captured images.

What are the basic requirement for CAMSPay mNACH?

All you need is a smartphone, with an integrated camera running on Android OS and internet connectivity.

You also need your user credentials registered with the service provider to access the CAMSPay mNACH application.

Hence, please make sure that only a fully filled and duly signed mandate will be accepted without any unauthenticated corrections. Also, The Unique Reference No that has been assigned is to be compulsorily written in the mandate as one of the references.

What are you waiting for?

Start using the CAMSPay mNACH application to avail the benefits now!

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