July 12, 2022

A New Beginning – TATA and CAMSPay’s UPI Autopay Journey

CAMSPay’s UPI Autopay service is now available for all TATA Mutual Funds customers. This collaboration with TATA Mutual Fund is to provide UPI Autopay for immediate SIP registration. NPCI launched this feature for recurring payments. CAMSPay has improved this feature to become the best solution for the MF industry. This also allows mutual fund investors to use their UPI apps to set up an Autopay facility for their Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) contributions. Additionally, this encourages savers to make methodical investments through the CAMSPay platform.

Accelerating SIP Investments

SIP investments in mutual funds have been meticulously made by investors using paper-based mandates and antiquated registration procedures. The addition of this option is expected to increase their willingness to invest and significantly increase the total amount invested. This also offers a variety of advantages to investors. Because of the simple registration process, they can easily make recurring investment payments.

TATA Mutual Fund will enable one-time + recurring payments through CAMSPay’s UPI Autopay.  In addition to this, we also provide real-time TPV and same-day settlement.

CAMSPay and TATA Mutual Fund are excited to work together to bring this service to the market. Mr. Vasanth Jeyapaul, CEO of CAMSPay said, “We are excited to bring a new payment flavor to serve the Mutual Fund ecosystem- UPI Autopay, an industry first launch with NPCI partnership. Expect CAMSPay to deliver a wide range of compelling payment options combined with best-in-class service excellence and fulfillment. Partnering with TATA Mutual Fund is such a delightful endeavor, and we are looking forward to many more such fruitful partnerships embracing CAMSPay’s UPI Autopay service.”

CAMSPay’s UPI Autopay & The Hope for Future

Further, CAMSPay is looking to expand this service to NBFCs, insurance, education, and other sectors after partnering with multiple Mutual Fund players in the industry, including IDFC Mutual Funds, White Oak Capital Mutual Funds, and others. CAMSPay’s importance in BFSI propels them to the top of their industry. UPI Autopay is one of the bold additions to the brand’s already extensive portfolio of payment services for the BFSI industry.

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