Launching CAMSPay mNACH App – An instant imaging solution for mandate acquisition. Now merchants can handle their eNACH and e-Sign registration all in one app.

ow Accept Payments using UPI on CAMSPay

Seamless Recurring
with UPI AutoPay
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Your customers can now set up recurring payments by using UPI Apps; just like they do other transactions. Proud launch partner for NPCI (Logo) and the first one to power the BFSI segment.

Automate your recurring payments with UPI AutoPay. Ensure seamless transaction. Ignore authentication hassle.

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ow Accept Payments using UPI on CAMSPay

Features of UPI AutoPay

UPI AutoPay makes recurring payments seamless and customers can now set up the mandate just like buying anything using UPI. Backed by Recurring Payment pioneer and UPI AutoPay enables recurring payments with easy integration with required controls and guidelines.

  • Powerful APIs for all the actions and eliminates the manual efforts in mandate registration and execution
  • Flexible frequencies including Daily, As presented and other 8 plus frequencies and supports a variable amount
  • Built-in Auto- recurring payment scheduler with pre-debit notifications
  • Accept mandates using major UPI APPs like PhonePe, PayTM, GPay, BHIM and many more…
  • Real-time mandate registration and mandate registration and first debit can be performed with a one-time authorization
  • Supports Third-party validation and Direct funding
  • Auto retires for mandate registration and execution
  • Real-time insights and reports
Features of UPI
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How AutoPay Works?

CAMSPay makes it simple to accept payments through a variety of popular UPI apps. Choose your UPI App and complete your transaction in a flash! Worried about payment safety? CAMSPay is here, so no fear!

How does UPI AutoPay Works?
How does UPI AutoPay Works? How does UPI AutoPay Works? How does UPI AutoPay Works? How does UPI AutoPay Works?

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